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Love and Death, Woody Allen, 1975.


Love and Death, Woody Allen, 1975.

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Seinfeld: a show about nothing.

George Costanza: See? This should be the show. This is the show.
Jerry Seinfeld: What?
George Costanza: This. Just talking.
Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah, right.
George Costanza: I’m really serious, that’s a good idea.
Jerry Seinfeld: Just talking? What’s the show about?
George Costanza: It’s about nothing.
Jerry Seinfeld: No story?
George Costanza: No. Forget the story.
Jerry Seinfeld: You gotta have a story.
George Costanza: Who says you gotta have a story? Remember when we were waiting for.. for that table in that chinese restaurant that time? That could be a TV show!
Jerry Seinfeld: And who’s on the show, who are the characters?
George Costanza: I could be a character.
Jerry: You?!
George Costanza: Yeah, you base a character on me.
Jerry Seinfeld: So, on the show there’s a character named George Costanza?
George Costanza: Yeah. What, there’s something wrong with that? I’m a character! People are always saying to me “you know, you’re quite a character!”.
Jerry Seinfeld: And who else is on the show?
George Costanza: Elaine could be a character. Kramer!
Jerry Seinfeld: Now, he’s a character. So, everybody I know is a character on the show.
George Costanza: Right.
Jerry Seinfeld: And it’s about nothing
George Costanza: Absolutely nothing!
Jerry Seinfeld: So, you’re saying I go into NBC and tell them “I got this idea for a show about nothing”.
George Costanza: “We” go into NBC.
Jerry Seinfeld: We? Since when are you a writer?
George Costanza: What writer? We’re talking about a sit-com.
Jerry Seinfeld: You wanna go with me to NBC?
George Costanza: Yeah, I think we really got something here.
Jerry Seinfeld: What do we got?
George Costanza: An idea.
Jerry Seinfeld: What idea?
George Costanza: An idea for the show.
Jerry Seinfeld: I still don’t know what the idea is!
George Costanza: It’s about nothing!
Jerry Seinfeld: Right.
George Costanza: Everybody’s doin’ something. We’ll do nothing!
Jerry Seinfeld: So we go into NBC, we tell them we got an idea for a show about nothing.
George Costanza: Exactly!
Jerry Seinfeld: They say: “what’s your show about?”. I say “nothing!”.
George Costanza: There you go.
Jerry Seinfeld: I think you may have something here..

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